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Common People

“And the common people heard Him gladly.” Mark 12:37   It seems that there is an ever increasing desire in our culture to become famous. Many have been filmed since birth, documented every thought and move online, and so this is the next logical step. They see themselves as uniquely qualified for fame. When you … Read More

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Empty Nesters Fellowship - Come out on the second Tuesday ... Read More

Radio - Listen to Pastor Jason from time-to-time live on Crosswalk ... Read More

In the Word Daily Devotional - Download a copy of our 366 day devotional ... Read More

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Join us in the Parker, CO area:
Sunday Service - 10:00 AM
Tuesday Empty Nesters Fellowship - 4:30 PM (second Tuesday); Contact Us for details
Tuesday Prayer - 7:00 PM
Wednesday Service - 7:00 PM
Wednesday Youth Study - 7:00 PM
Friday Women's Study - 10:00 AM (first Friday), 7:00 PM (third Friday); Contact Us for details)